"michael Let me begin my story by telling you that I have had three major back surgeries. My doctors told me that I would never work again and that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. For several years I believed them. Fortunately, I contacted Balance Health and Wellness Centers. The staff asked me to have a consultation with the doctor to see if they could help me. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I went from being a disabled man, struggling with life, to a man that is happy and full of life. I have watched my body change. My strength, energy, lust for life, passion for working out, and mental health has improved tremendously. I am now back to work after several years off. I am living my life again. Balance Health and Wellness Centers has changed my life and I whole heartedly believe in this company!

Thank You Balance Health and Wellness Centers for helping me live again! "

Michael - 49yrs old - Shepherdsville, Kentucky

"paul I've been with Balance Health and Wellness Centers for several years. I am writing this review because, honestly, it has been fabulous! I've gone from experiencing depression and loss of energy to feeling like I'm in my twenties again! I have more energy, increased libido, and reduced body fat! And, the staff is outstanding -- courteous, kind, and loving, which means I am treated and respected as a person, not a number. The people at Balance Health and Wellness Centers really do care.

I continued to be impressed as the Centers add new programs and treatment options to address a wide variety of anti-aging needs. The knowledge these folks have is impressive!

If you've been second guessing yourself, please don't. I highly recommend you contact Balance Health and Wellness Centers today -- I'm sure glad I did! "

Paul - 62yrs old - Winter Haven, Florida